A Unique Team Constellation

Philip Pfetzing

IT / Product
Philip Pfetzing

Giovanni Cocco

Giovanni Cocco

Oscar Wallner

Oskar Wallner

Sales Management

Marina Schoebel

Sales Management Germany & Switzerland

Schoebel Marina

Finally I can live my passion for travel agency sales again! 40 years with Tour Operator Experience have made me a tourist with heart, soul and body. Sales and travel agencies are written in my DNA. I love travel agencies! Why did I decide to join the TraveLeague? The most important point is our common values. It may sound old-fashioned, but values are extremely important in cooperation and I think our fairness credo is great. Besides, I have been thinking for a long time about building something cool in the car travel segment. That was missing on the market even before Corona. Many of you only know me in high heels, but my favourite shoes are hiking boots. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Markus Bialluch

Sales Management Germany & Benelux

Markus Bialluch

I was born in Germany’s oldest city in Trier in the 1970s. My childhood I did spend in Trier and attended various schools. I completed my training as a travel agent in 1989 and started my Bachelor. In 1994 I got to know Marina at NUR Touristik at the time and I started my new path with NUR, C&N and Thomas Cook. In May 2017 I was transferred to Hoofddorp near Amsterdam. Since that Time,
I live with my husband and our dog close to Amsterdam and I am really looking forward to the new challenge and our collaboration.

Michael Bradac

Sales Management Austria

Michael Bradac

OK, barely lost, I was born in 1969, making me the oldest of the three of us. Doesn’t matter, every wrinkle and every gray hair tells a story – and most of them are from tourism. Born in Vienna, classic training at the tourism school in Krems and has worked in the agency sector for exactly 30 years. Travel agency sales, incoming and direct sales or sales via online platforms – you see, the term sales has definitely shaped my life I am all the more looking forward to the new challenge with Traveleague in Austria – together with my colleagues at the counter to get out of the crisis, is my goal for 2020. Since my son has already moved into a study flat share, I live very happily with my wife and dog in Vienna.


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